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We give onsite tours Sundays at 5pm.
RSVP required.

Can't come in person?? Check out the free tutorial videos below.

If you CAN come in person, GREAT! We look forward to meeting you and below is the info:


DURATION: Tours last about 30-45 minutes.


RSVP required


PARKING: Available on the grass along the street, just be sure not to block the street.



  • Possible grassy or muddy terrain, so be sure to consider your footwear.

  • Children must be supervised at all times.

  • Bees, chickens, snakes, and other wildlife will be present, so consider your clothing choices ***Please do not attend if you have severe allergies or if you have balance concerns/ difficulty walking on uneven ground.

  • Hydrate prior to arrival. It is hot outside!


ADDRESS: 17813 Bridle Ct, Jupiter, FL 


COST: Free but donations welcome! We host 4-H for the community 2x per week. All donations go towards educational aids


CANCELLATIONS: We give tours in light rain but not if there is heavy rain or lightening. We wait 30 minutes after lightening for safety. 


***Please always confirm with us prior to coming. Sometimes we get sick or travel and so the tour is cancelled. Also, we do not give tours on holidays. 

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