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About Us

Our 2-acre food forest is a source of on-going inspiration for ways to connect with the community and give-back. We have over 200 species of edible plants on the property along with chickens and 26 bee hives. We host free tours on Sundays at 5pm and also 4-H several times a week. 

Educational Gardening

 Our Program

With climate change, political instability, desertification, and more, what will be left for our children in the years to come?


For those cultivating food forests and permaculture gardens,
the answer is simple:


Beautiful abundance 


Our goal is to empower home gardeners, landscapers, land developers, parents, and educators alike to enhance food security and to create a beautiful landscape through
permaculture. In a time when climate change news reports can feel overwhelming, creating a food forest can help us all be optimistic about environmental betterment. Our dream is for permaculture gardens to become the new normal—a
revolution of improved health, nature, and quality of life.

Boy with Chick

Farm Trips

We offer schools, scout programs, parents, and communities a chance to see a food forest. On average, 70% of our groceries come from the food forest. We want to share this feeling of joy, health and security with you through practical strategies, simple steps, and straightforward plant lists. 

Florida has higher rates of food insecurity than the national average; nearly one-third of children in Florida are food insecure.  There is an obvious need to adopt
more resilient food systems, reduce food waste, and strengthen local food production.


However, many don’t know where to start or how to begin. Now is the time to learn. The world’s population is expected to increase, so the demand on food will also increase in Florida and beyond. We welcome you to visit, learn, and enjoy our beautiful garden.

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