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Pike Food Forest

Edible Learning Spaces

Our Goals

Who doesn’t crave food bursting with flavor and aroma? Just consider a perfectly ripe mango. Nothing smells better, and what is more gratifying than a warm, juicy bite that leaves sweet nectar dripping down your chin? We aim to enrich the community through sharing our knowledge and passion for food forestry. Together, we can make a difference and help to decrease pervasive health problems and food insecurity among children in Florida.

Fruit market


Your fruits and vegetables

Together, we create a bountiful garden that thrives on neglect. Growing food should be easy! A food forest quickly creates abundance.


About sustainable gardening

Permaculture is an ancient technique that dates back to the Garden of Eden. This type of gardening is intuitive and very fulfilling.


Healthier food

America's health crisis is on the rise. Most Americans have a chronic disease due to diet. Eating healthy has never been more essential!

Key Resource


Knowing which plants grow in each part of the state (north, central, and south) simplifies steps to create a flourishing garden.


Empowered with easy-to-follow, one-page reference sheets for 200 plants (with corresponding hardiness zone, recipes, cultural information, and landscaping design tips), readers will quickly watch their lawns transform into a gorgeous, yet edible paradise.

Transforming Florida Yards offers readers a way to easily grow edible plants by creating a natural ecosystem.

Thanks to ample rainfall and warm temperatures, Florida is the perfect state for growing produce, herbs, and other edibles year-round.


All one needs to successfully begin their food forest is a lawn and this book!

All our plant "cheatsheets" in one place!

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